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Masaken Academy

Masaken Academy for training and consultation is one of Masaken Capital endeavors. Through its equipped center dotted with state of the art technology and facilities, the center was established to provide investors and workers in the financial sector outstanding training by highly qualified and certified personnel.

Masaken Academy also provides to its audience all data relating to companies listed on the Arab stock markets in addition to historical data of stocks and bonds prices through a comprehensive portal to help them makie the right investment decisions based on accurate fundamental and technical analysis.


Leadership in financial and technical analysis of financial markets in the Middle East


  • Spread the financial and technical analysis of financial markets
  • Inform investors and stakeholders about the importance of this analysis in order to deal with market fluctuations
  • Maximize profits and minimize losses
  • Stimulate dealers in the financial markets dealers and help them make their investment decisions based on the solid recommendations of the technical analysis supported by financial basics.

Academy activities

  • Technical Analysis Consultations services
  • Training in the field of financial markets services


Masaken Academy for training and consultation (BORSACODE) provides distinguished training rooms, equipped with the state of the art educational technologies.

Contact Info

Masaken Academy for Training and Consultation
Al Medina Al Munawwara Street masaken complex (156)
5th Floor - Office No. (504)
Tel: +962 6 5542756
Fax: +962 6 5543505
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